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In the rush of life, we keep ourselves away from the real happiness which we find in following our passion.

If you are passionate about cooking but could not pursue it because of some reason, then you are at the right place. Its never late to start anything at anytime in life. KHADYAM welcomes all such people who loves cooking.

KHADYAM is a thought, a vision, an effort to help every segment of the society to make them able to prepare tasty, delicious, healthy and hygienic food. KHADYAM is dedicated to provide a platform to all those people who love cooking and want to enhance their culinary skills.

The main aim of KHADYAM is to promote Vegetarian Cooking and help vegetarians to make their own identity in the world of Culinary Art.

“KHADYAM” is a Sanskrit word meaning (Khadya-Padartha) - anything to be eaten or edible. Sanskrit is mother of our Indian languages and Indian Culture promotes Vegetarianism, So the name of cooking classes is given “KHADYAM”.

KHADYAM was established on 13th Jan, 2009. Earlier, its name was Leena’s Chocolate Academy where only chocolates and cakes were being taught. Later on in April 2010, its name changed to KHADYAM, where not only cakes and chocolates, but snacks, sandwiches, Indian food, Chinese, Italian and many other courses are being taught to students.

AND NOW THE SECRET RECIPE OF DELICIOUS FOOD: Apart from the basic ingredients, just add 2tsp of love for the person whom you love most in this world, the recipe will come out to be the most delicious.

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